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Slide Strawberry.London raises the profile of companies and organisations and the work they do across a wide range of sectors – and particularly health tech FIND OUT MORE Slide Events and communications specialists with global and local experience FIND OUT MORE Slide Creating plans to help you reach the right people, have the right conversations, and achieve the impact you want. FIND OUT MORE


  • Conversations
    We make getting in front of your hardest to reach stakeholders that much easier! Working with the AHSN Network, entrepreneurs and health innovators we created a powerful presence for health innovation at the biggest health and care events in the country. We thrive on creating industry events to support new business development, global mergers and acquisitions, and improvement programmes.
    Having the right conversations
  • Innovation
    We’ve used our expertise to create and deliver numerous hugely successful public and private sector award and recognition programmes and showcase events. Using online resources, we’ve helped create and raise the national profile of the fast growing online AHSN Network Atlas of Solutions in health and care, and we continue to help develop case studies and content.
    Showcasing innovations
  • Planning
    Our expertise across multiple sectors gives us a unique perspective that helps create strong, flexible strategies to support proactive, reactive and crisis communications. Talk to us about our work across England with the AHSN Network, NHS organisations, police or around the world with oil and gas, or engineering and construction companies.
    Planning your strategic communications
  • Work in Focus
    We work with clients to put a spotlight on their latest achievements. We’ve helped the Health Innovation Network and others to secure great media coverage and opportunities to raise awareness of, and engagement with their wide range of innovation programmes through print, broadcast, web and social media.
    Bringing your work into focus
  • Branding
    With the Health Innovation Network we embedded strong brand values and protocols throughout their work – and created a clear and solid identity for them in their fabulous Borough Market offices. We’ve worked with organisations including BP and Surrey Police to create and launch brands for regional and global programmes that engage and motivate their teams.
    Bringing your brand to life
  • Thought leadership
    We bring together and facilitate round table discussions and reports, we help clients’ position innovative ideas and concepts amongst key stakeholders and influencers. Recent work supported DigitalHealth.London Accelerator programme to manage the creation and production of their fantastic Digital Leadership in London report and create associated editorial coverage and speaking opportunities.
    Thought leadership



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